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user iconChristine McCrearyProject ParticipantUniveristiy of Pittsburgh at Greensburg
user iconCindy McCulloughProject Participant
user iconSandra McCurdyProject Participant, Academy ParticipantEast Allegheny High School
user iconValerie McDonaldAdvisory Board Member, Project ParticipantAvonworth School District
user iconLeah McDowellSeneca Valley School District
user iconJeff McGowanProject Professional Developer, Project Participant, Academy ParticipantSouth Fayette High School
user iconBecky McHugh
user iconLorraine McKininProject Professional Developer, Project Participant
user iconKelly McLaughlinProject Participant, Academy ParticipantGreater Latrobe High School
user iconMichael McNallyProject Participant, Academy Participant
user iconTamar McPhersonProject Participant, Project Guest, Academy Facilitator, Academy ParticipantPlum Borough School District
user iconBonita McShaneProject ParticipantNew Brighton Area Elementary
user iconKimberly McWherterProject Participant, Academy ParticipantDerry Area High School
user iconTJ MeehanProject Participant, Academy FacilitatorChatham College, Buhl Hall
user iconHolly MeierProject Participant, Academy ParticipantSharon City School District
user iconJerry Mellinger
user iconMegan MelucciProject Professional Developer, Project ParticipantFranklin Regional School District
user iconJaymie MelvinProject Participant, Academy Participant
user iconAmy MergenthalerProject Participant, Academy ParticipantMohawk Area School District
user iconArt Merwick
user iconErin MeyerProject Participant
user iconVictoria MeyersProject Participant, Academy ParticipantRiverside Beaver County
user iconRob MichalowProject ParticipantSaint Vincent College
user iconJudith MihokProject ParticipantHopewell Area School District
user iconLauralee MilbergerProject Participant, Academy FacilitatorHighlands School District
user iconBarbara MildrenProject Participant, Academy Participant
user iconAndrea MillerProject Professional Developer, Academy FacilitatorAllegheny Intermediate Unit
user iconDavid MillerProject Participant
user iconColleen MinerdProject Professional Developer, Academy Participant
user iconSam MitrovichProject Participant, Academy ParticipantFreedom Area High School
user iconLisa MooreProject Professional Developer, Project ParticipantFreedom Area Middle School
user iconRobin MooreProject Professional Developer, Project Participant, Academy ParticipantDallas School District
user iconAmanda MoravecProject Participant, Academy Facilitator
user iconFred MorecraftProject Professional Developer, Project Participant, Academy ParticipantBobtown Elementary
user iconKaren MorgantiProject ParticipantIndiana Area School District
user iconJanet MorrisProject GuestMontour High School
user iconDebra MorrisonProject Participant, Academy ParticipantDerry Area Middle School
user iconDoris MorrisonProject ParticipantUniontown School District
user iconJudith MorrisonProject ParticipantFranklin Regional School District
user iconCara MoserProject Participant, Academy ParticipantSouth Allegheny
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