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user iconSallie KaanProject Participant, Academy ParticipantFox Chapel Area School District
user iconKeri KachmarProject Professional Developer, Academy Participant
user iconErin KamererProject ParticipantHopewell Area Schools
user iconCara Kasa
user iconChristopher KastronisProject Participant, Academy ParticipantMcKeesport
user iconJeffrey KattanProject GuestHampton Township School District
user iconSue KattanProject ParticipantSto Rox School District
user iconJames KearnsProject Professional Developer, Academy Participantgateway school district
user iconFrank KeggProject Professional Developer, Project ParticipantGreater Latrobe School District
user iconLeann KelleyProject ParticipantEFSD
user iconDarlene KellnerProject Professional Developer, Advisory Board Member, Project GuestCrestwood School District
user iconChristopher KellyProject Participant
user iconAnn Marie Kaminski-KernProject Participant, Academy Participant
user iconMeg KernickyProject Participant, Academy Participant
user iconKimberly KetoProject Professional Developer, Project Participant, Academy ParticipantMount Pleasant Area School District
user iconKerry MondockProject Professional DeveloperMount Pleasant Area
user iconLynn KeyserProject Participant
user iconPaula KijowskiProject Evaluator, Project Participant, Academy FacilitatorArmstrong School District
user iconLinda Kilian
user iconDenise KingProject Professional Developer, Project Participant, Project Guest, Academy ParticipantErie School District
user iconRichard KingProject ParticipantJeannette McKee Elementary School
user iconSamuel KingProject ParticipantFranklin Regional School District
user iconAmanda KinneerProject Professional Developer, Project Participant, Academy ParticipantJeannette City School District
user iconPamela KinzlerProject ParticipantPlum Borough School District
user iconJodi KirbyProject Professional Developer, Academy ParticipantFort Cherry School District
user iconPaul KirschProject GuestCarlow University
user iconDouglas KitayProject Participant, Academy Participant
user iconSonya KitskoProject ParticipantRobert Morris University
user iconKathleen KladnyProject Participant
user iconLisa KliamunchProject Participant, Academy ParticipantNorthwest Area School District
user iconKathleen KniffProject Participant
user iconKathy KniffProject Participant
user iconAnne KochProject Professional Developer, Project Participant, Academy Participant
user iconLorraine KomorekProject Participant, Academy Participant
user iconMike KomorekProject Participant, Academy ParticipantWilkes-Barre Area School District
user iconCindy KopasProject Participant, Academy Participant
user iconDaniel KordichProject Participant, Academy Participant
user iconRonald KorenichProject ParticipantFox Chapel Area School District
user iconJennifer KosiorProject Professional Developer, Project Participant, Academy Participant
user iconMary KostalosCo-PI, Project Participant, Academy FacilitatorChatham University
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