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Julia Gooding


  • MSP of SW Pennsylvania
    • Roles: Project Professional Developer, Project Participant, Project Guest, Academy Participant


  • Higher Ed: Science, Higher Ed: Other, Teacher: Science, Teacher: High School, Researcher, Evaluator 


Julia Gooding is a veteran of secondary science teaching. Her undergraduate work was completed at Gannon University and her teaching certification was completed at Winthrop University. After earning a Pennsylvania Masters Equivalency, she completed a Master of Science degree in Instructional Leadership at Robert Morris University. She holds three certifications in Pennsylvania: General Science, Biology and Chemistry. Furthermore, she is certified by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards and is a recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching. During her career, she has taught virtually every science discipline and has written and implemented a variety of curricula. Currently, she is the science department chairperson at her school, and recently earned her doctorate from Robert Morris University after successfully defending her dissertation entitled, Comparing the Perceptions of Scientific Inquiry between Experts and Practitioners. She is committed to challenging all students, regardless of their learning styles, a characteristic inherent in the uniqueness of her first publication, Inquiry by Design. As a springboard to her second calling as a science education consultant, this book reflects both her creativity and understanding of science and children. In addition to serving as an author for Learning Sciences International and Holt, Reinhart and Winston, she works hand in hand with the Pennsylvania Department of Education and has contributed to a variety of education journals. 


secondary science teaching, curriculum development, scientific inquiry 


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